With our quality-oriented approach to work, skilled manpower and modern technology, we at KASR KABAW believe we are working today to design the future. As we envision the future outlook and move forward with our new generation technology solutions, KASR KABAW is investing in quality by providing raw materials, products, and service continuity in every way.

Each year we extract 35,000 tons of  granitein block form from our quarries and process them in our 25,000, m² capacity integrated facility before delivery to our customers through our two showrooms in Egypt factory and Libya total of 600 m² and world exhibitions.

We export 80% of our marble and granite as blocks, slabs and cut-to-size products to around 40 countries worldwide, including North America, Europe, Central Asia and the Far East. In giving our Research and Development activities top priority, we endeavor to increase the variety of our production via processing in blocks, slabs and cut-to-size products.

Moreover, we also spend a considerable effort discovering new and rich reserves. In so doing, we become solution partners with architects, designers and project owners by offering them different sizes and characteristics for their surface treatment alternatives.

We are able to stay on the cutting edge of state-of-the-art production because we listen to the expert advice of the top consulting services to the world marble industry. In addition, we closely monitor all the innovations and developments in our industry in order to continually improve our production. Instead of the more common synthetic materials used around the world, our vision is to extract and process natural stone so that we can provide people a more natural habitat.

In addition, at our high capacity water treatment plant we transform 16,000 liter into clean water so that nature and our environment are not damaged in any way. Furthermore, we are helping in our nation’s fight against erosion by planting trees in collaboration with the TEMA Foundation in order to preserve the natural order around us.

Whether serving customers in Turkey or in the international arena, our aim at Kasr Kabaw is to bring precious raw materials to our plant and, utilizing our skilled people and commitment to quality, produce superior marble stones which in turn are used to supply beautiful projects around the world.

As one of the leading natural stone companies in both Egypt and the world, this is our primary vision. In all our production ventures, we utilize only our own financial resources and are therefore proud of adding value to our nation’s economy.

By passing on our knowledge and expertise to the following generations, and by working hard to maintain our high leadership position in the world’s natural stone sector, we at Kasr Kabaw are happy to be making a positive contribution to Egypt’s development.