KASR KABAW was established to produce all natural stones used primarily in construction and decoration works, primarily in granite, and to make profit by doing international trade.

It is KASR KABAW's main business approach to carry out all the works undertaken in the fields of industry, mining and trade within the framework of all the requirements of professional and community ethics. With this understanding, KASR KABAW pays attention to conduct its activities in compliance with the laws, rules and traditions of the countries and societies in which it operates. Together with its employees, it pays utmost attention to fulfill its social and public obligations completely.

KASR KABAW prioritizes customer satisfaction with its products and services to domestic and international markets. In the balance of quality and price, it adopts to fulfill customer expectations completely as its main responsibility. KASR KABAW considers its customers the reason for its existence. With this approach, the Company places priority on the very special value given to its customers by all its employees.

KASR KABAW pays attention to working with advanced technologies used in its fields of activity. With this in mind, it closely monitors the development of natural stone processing technology and natural stone mining in the world, and reflects these developments rapidly to its applications. Thus, it aims to provide the best products to its customers at the most convenient time, with the most appropriate commercial conditions and with an excellent service approach.

In addition to the sensitivity of using current technologies, KASR KABAW also prioritizes research and development. It sees to provide new technological opportunities to the natural stone sector, especially granite, within its core business. In this context, it is constantly striving to new develop new technologies with its experts and the specialized organizations it cooperates with.

KASR KABAW's goal is to become a World brand and an international company. It is a leader in its field of activity. To achieve this goal, work not only in Egypt & Libya, but engages in world markets. the working methods adopted, to Egypt & Libya's development as a truly contributes operates and meets the requirements of foreign countries.

KASR KABAW continues its activities within the framework of modern management organization rules and "team understanding". It attaches importance to the development and specialization of employees in all units of its organization. This issue is prioritized in personnel selection and manpower training. KASR KABAW's leading principle is to provide optimum financial and moral opportunities to its employees and to evaluate their merits fairly.

KASR KABAW also focuses on creating a perfect co-operation with its employees, as well as with its third parties and organizations, such as its subcontractors and supply sources. With this approach, it works with those who share their own business understanding and principles and establishes a continuous business partnership environment with them.

Change is the fact that KASR KABAW has found it indispensable to sustain its existence. With this approach, it pays attention to develop and update its organization, products, services, technology, infrastructure, manpower, financial resources and relations with its environment according to the requirements of change. With its innovative initiatives, KASR KABAW will continue to set an example for companies both in and outside the sector.